In todays networked life a working internet infrastructure is an essential element for productive work. This structure only works with complex technologies like the different routing protocols, this paper demonstrates the complexity of such technologies on the IS-IS routing protocol. This protocol is one of the most complex routing protocols but it is also one of the most reliable protocols with which the biggest and most stable network infrastructures are realized.
With this online wikipedia elaboration we hope to fulfill the missing online documentation which covers the whole spectrum of this great protocol. Take a look at for the complete draft and help to make it to a real work of reference.

future ideas

There are lots of ideas which we can't finish this semester, but with the great advantage of this wiki system we are sure that the work on this paper will not end!

  • overwork and correct the whole paper
  • include all the missing points
  • IS-IS routers with *X systems
  • IS-IS vs OSPF in practical use
  • IS-IS on non Cisco routers
  • complete english version
  • complete german version
  • complete command reference (cisco, ….)
  • open it for everybody (readable ⇒ done, writeable ⇒ not sure how we should do this)
  • use it as the basic paper for next seminar papers
  • exportfunction to pdf / latex / OOo / …
  • new web-space
  • check it and link it to
  • create a complete seminar paper wikipedia on the FH-websystem
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