Nowadays it is usual that every computer can communicate with the internet and with every other computer worldwide. To realize this there are lots of different technologies necessary, one of those technologies is the link state vector routing protocol which is called IS-IS.

"With the Internet continuing to expand, the need for robust and flexible IP routing protocols to sustain the expansive global routing system can never be overemphasized.
Of all the IP routing protocols that evolve alongside the Internet, only three of them survived the test of time and are currently widely deployed: BGP for exterior routing,
and OSPF and IS-IS for interior routing."


Even though IS-IS is very popular, compared to other routing protocols like RIP OSPF and IGRP there is hardly any documentation available that will cover the whole spectrum from the basics to the practical know how.

"IS-IS is used as an IGP by most of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Internet service providers for both practical and historical reasons"


This seminar paper will explain what the IS-IS routing protocol is, how it works and how to configure it on cisco routers. On this point the authors want to evoke that the printed version of this paper is just a very small part of the complete paper! The complete draft of this topic is always in a working process via a wiki system and you can find it at
If you are interested we like to motivate you to help us with your knowledge and your practical experience, please contact us via mail.

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