IS-IS packets

Basically we can distinguish between three types of PDUs in IS-IS.

  • Hello packets
  • Link-state packets
  • Sequence number packets

These types of packets can further be divided into subcategories.

Hello packets:

  • IS-IS hello PDUs LAN Level 1
  • IS-IS hello PDUs LAN Level 2
  • IS-IS Point-to-Point hello PDUs

Link-state packets:

  • Level 1 Link-State PDUs
  • Level 2 Link-State PDUs

Sequence number packets:

  • Level 1 complete sequence number PDUs
  • Level 2 complete sequence number PDUs
  • Level 1 partial sequence number PDUs
  • Level 2 partial sequence number PDUs

Structure of different IS-IS packets:

In IS-IS every PDU consists of a header and a variable amount of dissimilar long fields. The first eight fields are always identical. All following fields have different characteristics due to of their different ranges of application. This chapter only treats the first eight identical fields. The other fields will be handled in the following chapters.


Table 2: IS-IS PDUs

Meaning of the different PDU fields:


Table 3: Description of the general PDU header fields


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